3D Laser Scanning Services

CadMan Solutions offer a range of 3D laser scanning services. We use different types of Scanners depending on the application. For the majority of work, the revolutionary RevScan from Creaform is ideal. This innovative machine is a handheld unit that captures data quickly and efficiently without the need for external tracking devices or complex alignments. It is also portable so if is not practical to have your part scanned here we can offer this service on-site.

In addition to this we have a Creaform Go!Scan. Although similar to the Revscan, the Go!Scan uses White light LEDs’ instead of Lasers. Capturing over 550,000 points/second, it can be used with or without positioning targets providing a fast and accurate solution, especially for larger applications, such as sculptures, propeller blades, vehicle body panels, etc.

CadMan Solution also have a high definition Desktop 3D laser scanner that uses a combination of photography and banks of Lasers to capture the very detailed form both digitally and pictorially.  Most Industries can benefit from our 3D laser scanning service including: - Aerospace, Arts/Sculpture, Automotive Consumer Products, Manufacturing, Medical and Military/Defence.

We can read and write a variety of different mesh formats and have specialist software to improve and tidy the data if required. 3D laser scanning allows data to be captured digitally without damaging the physical object being scanned. 3D laser scanning is the perfect solution if you wish to:

  • Digitally capture the exact size and shape of any physical object.
  • Create a “Family of Parts” from existing samples
  • Create 3D CAD models of components or tooling where no drawings are available
  • Capture 3D forms as a basis for designing mating parts
  • Capture data for 3D printing

Why consider us for your 3D scanning project

Why consider us for your 3D scanning project 3D scanning and reverse engineering is an increasingly popular method of creating accurate Cad models of existing components. Laser and other 3D scanners have become common over recent years, mainly due to the increased power and performance of the computers that must process the vast amount of raw data that modern 3D Laser and LED scanners produce.

Prior to their introduction, we used contact scanning or points obtained from coordinate measuring machines to capture as much data as practical.

At Cadman Solutions, we have been capturing and processing point data and using this to re-create Cad models since our original company was formed in 1989. Our expertise gained over the years allows us to provide high-quality 3D scanning and  reverse engineering services from start to finish. Cadman Solutions can offer clients 3D scanning services either on-site or in-house.

Why choose CadMan Solutions for your laser scanning project?

  • UK based specialists
  • Free quote
  • Competitive pricing.
  • In-house or on-site scanning
  • Fast project turnarounds
  • 28+ years of data capture and reverse engineering experience.

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