Practical Solutions for product design, modelling and manufacturing

Cadman Solutions Ltd was established in 1989 and originally specialised in providing 3D CAD modelling and other manufacturing services to tool-making companies.

"We soon realised that our services would appeal to any company who needed a reliable and professional programming service but were not ready to invest in the technology, so we started working across a variety of industry sectors."

David Worland – Director at Cadman Solutions Ltd

‘As more advanced technology came onto the market, we responded by expanding our range of services to include reverse engineering and 3D scanning and 3D Printing.

Our move into industrial design was inspired by a client who came to us with a wonderful design which just couldn’t be manufactured. We realised that our technical knowledge and expertise could be used to advise clients on the best ways of achieving their vision.

This approach, which we use to this day, is appreciated by our clients, as it sees us working closely with them from the outset to explore their ideas and coming up with a solution that is both practical and meets their expectations.

Our technology

Cadman Solutions Ltd provides the best services possible to our clients, keeping abreast of market trends and the latest technology.

Our equipment includes a Creaform Revscan Laser scanner and an Einscan Pro 2X plus Light and Laser scanner. These portable, handheld scanners enable us to create fast, accurate scans. For 3D printing we have an Ultimaker 3 FDM printer and a Creality LD-006 Resin printer. We use the latest CAD/CAM systems, including Siemens’ NX, Ansys Spaceclaim, Visi, Machining Strategist and Autodesk Fusion 360. The advantages this gives our clients are:

  • Access to the latest history based and direct modelling tools to produce the most efficient solutions
  • At each stage of the modelling process, we can easily provide a variety of aids to help with the visualisation and approval of new components.
  • The CAD files we output are compatible with our clients’ in-house systems.

If you have any project, no matter how small or large, that you believe would benefit from our programming services, please get in touch.